A brief update from my sickbed

Months from now, I wish to be sharing the events of these few weeks as an amusing anecdote during an interview for the marketing campaign of GGZ: The DVD/Blu Ray.

I have a chest infection, caught during the multiple night shifts I’ve had to take so we can still afford to pay rent while we finish the film.

This means that not only can I not work, I also can’t assist Matt in the grading/sound editing sessions or possibly even the mastering that will (fingers crossed) be taking place early next week.

I also can’t go shopping or doing more than about 5 minutes of washing up without wanting to fall over.  I can’t take his classes or his personal training sessions off his hands to give him some space to concentrate on the film.

Every night, Matt is coming home more anxious and stressed out than the night before.  Every night, I’m having to talk him off a ledge.

This is going to be so funny in six months time.

04:55 pm, by the-cheapshot